From Cruising to catching crab, the Qwest make perfect sense for the Roberts

Thu, Dec 30, 2021 at 11:55AM

Blog - Roberts - 1Brian Roberts had not owned a pontoon before so he wasn’t  going to go out and  purchase any ol’ rig off the lot of a “Big Box” store.  Nope, he put in some time and research first.

“I did a lot of looking around for what I wanted and Qwest had the product for the specific market I was in,” Roberts said.  “I wanted something that wasn’t huge, and that I could tow easily, and had plenty of room for carrying gear for certain fishing activities as well as just cruising around.”

Blog - Roberts - 2Roberts decided on a Qwest818  LS XRE Cruise and hasn’t looked back since his purchase in 2017.

“I loved that it had luxurious options in a variety of sizes,” he said.  “The configurability of the model along with the quality seating and smaller size were great benefits.”

Air flow played an important role that set the Qwest apart from other brands because Florida has a lot of moisture all year- and mildew can be a problem if there isn’t proper ventilation.

Blog - Roberts - 3“We cruise rivers, intracoastal and inland bay areas,” Roberts said. “We have luxury in a smaller-sized boat. The configurability of seating is great because we can change the layout of the boat to match the task at hand, from cruising to casting nets for shrimp, to hauling 15 crab traps to get blue crabs.”

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