The Qwest Pontoons Difference

Over 50 Years of History & Expertise

At Apex Marine, we continue to innovate and give meaning to the words proudly American made. Qwest, a division of Apex Marine, is committed to manufacturing high-quality pontoon boats and is driven by a passion to build the best boat for our customers while exceeding market expectations. Our incredible modern-day designs are equipped with cutting-edge technology and specifically designed to give you an unforgettable experience.

We are driven to give you exceptional quality, contemporary multi-functional layouts, generous packages, and nonstop modern design arrays for fishing, bar boats, cruising and water sports. We are always pushing ourselves to produce the best pontoons possible with class-leading features and quality. When you're looking at a Qwest, you'll know that it was designed and build to last.


Exceptional Quality

Exceptional Quality

At Qwest, we have a passion for delivering excellent experiences on the water. Since our founding, we've always strived to create pontoons that fit your lifestyle and last for a lifetime. Our company is always pushing the boundaries with innovative designs and distinctive looks that are unique to Qwest Pontoons.

Progressive Design

Offering an unrivaled array of modern multi-function layouts, aggressive performance packages, and endless design choices for cruising, fishing, bar boats and water sports. We are leading the industry with progressive, real world designs and features you can only find on a Qwest pontoon.

Hand Crafted Touch

Hand Crafted Touch

Hand-crafted quality to provide the ultimate in comfort and durability. Ultra-Flow seat ventilation promotes optimum air flow inside the seat bases to aid in drying stored items and to prevent mold/mildew growth. Innovative seat bases constructed with our proprietary Dura-Lite composite material are stronger, lighter and provide unmatched storage space.

Frequently Asked Questions

+ How would I apply to work at Apex Marine Inc.?

As an independently owned company with a reputation for top-notch quality and design in the marine industry, there is no better place to build your career than Apex Marine. At Apex Marine, we know that it's our people who make the difference. We are dedicated to employing local people. In addition, we're proud to offer our employees comprehensive benefits packages. We provide career opportunities that reward results-oriented people like you who seek a career driving value and innovation.

Take Charge of Your Career: Apply Now

+ Where do I get Information or Pricing on a new or Pre-Owned Qwest Pontoon?

You should contact your nearest Authorized Qwest Dealer for information and pricing questions. Any pricing shown on the website is usually Manufacturer Suggested Retail Pricing (MSRP) and may not be the actual price you will pay. Pre-Owned boats are only sold at our authorized dealers who should be contacted directly for their current inventory and pricing. Visit an Authorized Qwest Dealer or use the Contact Form on the left to send a question.

+ Where can I get a Qwest Pontoons Brochure?

The best way to get a 2021 Qwest brochure is to visit your local Authorized Qwest Dealer and spend some time to see the boats on display while you are there. We also have our current and past brochures available for you to view & download. If you would like a printed brochure then fill out the Request a Brochure Form.

+ Can I Customize a new pontoon order beyond the standard models & options?

Qwest builds a vast range of floor plans with a large variety of deck & interior options. If you would like to customize a boat beyond our standard layouts & options, discuss your specific ideas with a local Authorized Qwest Dealer and they will submit the request to the Qwest factory. Not all requests are possible due to certain design/safety constraints. Designs that are possible will be quoted with a customization fee. ONLY the Qwest factory (Apex Marine) can provide approval & pricing for custom boats. Visit an Authorized Qwest Dealer or use the Contact Form on the left to send a customization request.

+ Can I Direct Purchase a pontoon from the Qwest Pontoons factory?

No, all Qwest pontoons are sold and delivered through our Authorized Qwest Dealer network who are set up to handle state and local sales taxes, state watercraft/title registrations, financing, rigging the boat in compliance with state and local regulations, and final delivery to the customer. Dealers also are your local resource for parts, service, and annual maintenance. All rental fleet customers should also purchase through an Authorized Qwest Dealer.

+ What Motor Brands do you sell on a Qwest Pontoon?

The motor powering your new Qwest will depend on the brand(s) that your local Qwest dealer is authorized to sell & service. Most dealers offer (2) or more motor lines so you have a choice and can take advantage of seasonal warranty or discount incentives. Qwest supports all major motor brands including Honda, Mercury, Suzuki, Yamaha, Tohatsu, as well as electric outboards like Torqeedo Cruise & Minn Kota E-Drive. Contact your local Authorized Qwest Dealer or visit their website to see what motor lines they support.

+ What pontoon models are available with an Electric Motor?

All Qwest product lines and boat models can be equipped with an electric motor as an alternative to a gas motor. The electric motor will mount at the same position on the transom that a gas outboard would mount. Steering and throttle would still be controlled from the captain's seat/helm. Electric motors are a great option for the Gillgetter product line, as well as LS, Edge, and LE boats from 14' to 18' long (7514, 816, 818). An electric motor will still work with boats 20' or longer at slower speeds and limited maneuverability.

+ What Qwest models can get the Gen II Triple Tube Package?

The Gen II Triple Tube Package is available on all pontoons 16' or longer. This includes all models in the Qwest LS, Edge, and LE lines with the exception of the Edge 7514 models which are 14' long.

+ How do I Clean the Fabric on my pontoon (Bimini Top, Playpen Cover, Seat Covers)?

Qwest uses SurLast all-weather fabric for all canvas on our pontoons including bimini tops/boots, playpen covers, and individual seat covers. Visit our Resources & Warranty page to learn about the recommended cleaning methods.

+ I'm looking to order a Part or Accessory for my Qwest Pontoon.

All parts & accessories should be ordered directly from an Authorized Qwest Dealer. If the part is not in stock with the dealer, they will order the part from our factory for you. Lead times for parts orders are typically longer during the peak spring & summer seasons. Include your boat Serial Number (APX.....) when ordering parts so that we can provide/build the correct part for your boat. Visit or call an Authorized Qwest Dealer or use the Contact Form on the left to send a part/accessory request.

+ I need to find a location to Service or Repair my Qwest Pontoon.

Service, repair, and warranty work required for your Qwest pontoon should be performed by the Authorized Qwest Dealer where you purchased the boat. If you are the second or third owner of the pontoon, find a nearby Authorized Qwest Dealer or use the Contact Form on the left to send a service/repair request.

+ I need to submit a Warranty claim.

All warranty claims must be submitted to Qwest Pontoons from an Authorized Qwest Dealer. Warranty work requires pre-approval from the Qwest factory. To start a warranty claim please contact the dealer in which you originally purchased the pontoon through.

+ Do you offer Plant Tours at the Qwest manufacturing plant in Saint Louis, Michigan?

At the current time due to COVID health and safety regulations, the plant is closed to all visitors and we are not conducting tours. We will open back up for tours later in 2021 as it is safe to do so.

+ I would like to become a New Dealer for Qwest Pontoons.

Qwest Pontoons is always looking to expand dealer locations to best serve our customers. If you are interested in showcasing the Qwest lineup in your dealership, fill out the form on the left and our Qwest sales manager will be in contact with you.

+ I have a question or Comment for Qwest Pontoons or Apex Marine.

Please fill out the form on the left to submit a question or comment to a representative at Qwest Pontoons or Apex Marine.

The Qwest Advantage

Ultra-Flow Technology

Qwest Pontoons Ultra-Flow seat ventilation promotes optimum air flow inside the seat bases to aid in drying stored items and to help prevent mold/mildew growth. Innovative seat bases constructed with our proprietary Dura-Lite composite material are stronger, lighter and provide storage space that is unrivaled.

Fits Your Lifestyle

From the quality of materials to the thoughtfulness of every floor plan, for every technology seen and unseen, for every stitch we make and every standard we meet, Qwest has exactly what you need - nothing more and nothing less.