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Layout Options

XRE Upgrades

XRE Upgrades are available on:

818 XRE Cruise

818 XRE Fish

820 XRE Cruise

820 XRE Fish

822 XRE Cruise 

Not available on L Trim Levels

Front Sleeper Seats

Front Sleeper Seats are available on:

822 Lanai* 

822 XRE Cruise* 

All 18’ and larger RLS

All 20’ and larger Splash Pad 

Not available on L Trim Levels.

*These models include a starboard side gate when equipped with sleeper seats.

Split Lanai with Livewell

Adds aerated livewell in rear Lanai bench.

Sport Fish Package

Available on all models. Sport Fish package includes a 2' front deck extension and 2 fishing seats.